Samothraki Open Forum 2019

Conclusions 2019

The Island of Great Gods on its way to
sustainable development and the digital era!

«Development through synergies» was the theme of this year’s extremely successful Samothraki Open Forum in which, more than 100 children and adults zealously participated during the weekend of June 28-30th at the magnificent, historical venue of “Nicholas Fardis” in Hora of Samothrace (more info under

The main conclusions of this year’s Forum are the following:

1. The Municipality develops a holistic strategic development plan in cooperation with the local community, entrepreneurs and governmental agencies. The strategic plan incorporates the principles of the Cyclical Economy and aims at creating new jobs, developing innovative businesses and new revenue streams for the Municipality of Samothrace. All forms of local private entrepreneurship (e.g. female, young, social, collaborative, etc.) are to be strengthened and benefit from this longterm plan.

2. The connectivity of Samothrace with other neighboring destinations (Limnos, Thassos, Turkey) is of paramount importance for the development of the local economy.

3. Protecting the Samothraki mountain from overgrazing and soil erosion is an urgent priority and assists in overcoming the current climate disaster. The NATURA program of Samothrace shall be deployed immediately (pertinent governmental acts are needed coupled with the support from the local community).

4. The Agricultural production is the foundation of the local economy and poses the comparative advantage of Samothrace (unique selling point). It is of paramount importance to grow this production sustainably and to increase the local producers’ revenues (e.g. through standardization, creation of added value etc.).

5. A holistic platform Samothraki.Online is being created in cooperation with the Democritus University of Thrace to promote the brand of the island of the Great Gods and the local economy.

6. There is a need to link the local products to tourism for enhancing the brand of Samothraki (“the Island of Great Gods”) and create a strong «Samothraki experience».

7. In order to extend the tourist season and increase revenues of the local people, a more complex and alternative tourism product need to be deployed based on the principles of sustainability. In parallel, the public infrastructure of the Island of Samothraki need to be well maintained and upgraded.

8. Developing the technological skills of the residents and young people of Samothrace through synergies e.g. with the Democritus University of Thrace and the use of the excellent digital infrastructure of the island is of paramount importance.

9. Appropriate incentives shall be created to attract young people to Samothraki (start-ups, digital nomads, designers, artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, etc.).

10. Gradually, Samothraki moves digitally to become a «Smart Island». «The transition of the Island of the Great Gods to a sustainable development and the digital age shall be achieved through synergies. This year’s highly successful Forum has demonstrated that the local community is ready to create a strong brand, added value for local products and move the Island of the Great Gods to the digital era while creating adequate personal skills. I am particularly pleased with the unexpected discovery of Samothraki’s «great secret treasure,» the female entrepreneurship that has so dynamically emerged through the Forum! We are committed to supporting it in its development. I thank the Municipality of Samothraki and the Mayor Mr. Vitsas personally for the auspices and supporting in the excellent organization, the sponsors and supporters of the Forum, Akmon ATE, Aegean Airlines, Distemicha, Niki Beach Hotel, Made for Gods, our Communication Sponsors Naftika Chronika, Global Sustain, as well as the local enterpreneurs for the high gastronomic experiences that they generously offered! «, said Panayiotis Kambouroglou, Founder & Executive Director of Aero Iasion Development Ltd and Founder of Samothraki Open Forum.