Dr Eleftheria M. Gkrimpa exercises multifaceted and multifarious activity in tourism. She is an Executive over 20 years both in private sector (hotels, conference centers, advisory bodies, educational institutions etc.) and public one (Ministries of Labor, Interior, Foreign Affairs, Region of Attica, Social Insurance Institution, Tourism). She holds PhD in special interest forms of tourism (Aegean University, scholarship from IKY). She has pedagogical competence as well as studies in Counseling/ Vocational Guidance. She speaks three languages: French, English, Spanish. She is involved in Controls/ Groups of Experts/ Working Groups, Conduction/Tender/Evaluation Committees, Project Monitoring Committees and joins numerous seminars/ various themes specializations. She is a certified educator, author, and researcher and enjoys significant recognition, discrimination, acceptance by various Institutions in Greece and abroad, for her (volunteering) work. Contact details: e-mail: [email protected], LinkedIn, F/B: Eleftheria Gkrimpa