Gkrimpa Evangelia


MSc. Evangelia M. Gkrimpa is a Top graduate of the Department of Operational Research and Marketing at Athens University of Economics and Business (Specialization: Public Relations), where she completed her studies in three instead of four years, due to excellence. With scholarships from “Alexander Onassis” Foundation, Chalkiopoulos, PwC, IKY, she completed postgraduate studies (Master of Science) in the fields of: Marketing and Communication with the Use of New Technologies (AUEB), Administration/Management of Health Services (National School of Public Health), Pedagogical and Training Competence & Counseling and Guidance (ASPAITE). She is multilingual Executive (English, French and Italian) of the Ministry of Economy [...]

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Dr. Grkimpa Eleftheria


Dr Eleftheria M. Gkrimpa exercises multifaceted and multifarious activity in tourism. She is an Executive over 20 years both in private sector (hotels, conference centers, advisory bodies, educational institutions etc.) and public one (Ministries of Labor, Interior, Foreign Affairs, Region of Attica, Social Insurance Institution, Tourism). She holds PhD in special interest forms of tourism (Aegean University, scholarship from IKY). She has pedagogical competence as well as studies in Counseling/ Vocational Guidance. She speaks three languages: French, English, Spanish. She is involved in Controls/ Groups of Experts/ Working Groups, Conduction/Tender/Evaluation Committees, Project Monitoring Committees and joins numerous seminars/ various themes specializations. [...]

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Spanos Michail


Managing Director, Global Sustain Group Michael Spanos is the Founder & Managing Director of Global Sustain Group, an Expert Advisor to the European Commission on the SDGs, an AHC Group Senior Associate (USA), a former member of the secretariat of the United Nations Global Compact Network and a current member of the Advisory Board of the CEO Clubs in Greece and of the Sustainability Advisory Council of FMC Corp (USA). He speaks at international events and produces global publications on responsible investments, sustainable leadership and innovation, collaborating with organisations such as the UN Principles for Responsible Investment, Global Compact, GRI, TCFD, European [...]

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Papadimitriou Pakis


Corporate Quality Manager, Athens International Airport, Chairman of CSR Committee, Hellenic American Chamber of Commerce Pakis Papademetriou has been serving Quality and Sustainability since 1995. He has received a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering, both from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He joined Athens International Airport (AIA) in 1999 and currently he holds the position of Manager, Corporate Quality. He is Vice Chairman of the Board of CSR Hellas and Chairman of the CSR Committee of the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce.

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Ntella Norella


Mompreneur (Mother - Entrepreneur) Norella Ntella is a mother with almost 15 years of professional experience in sales and communication. With her husband Christos Stamatis, a successful businessman and her personal mentor, they established a wonderful family together with their two beautiful daughters, Elena and Elvira. Norella graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with emphasis in Total Quality Management from the American College of Greece, Deere College in 2002. During the years 2003-2011, she worked as an insurance broker in her family business. Additionally, at that time she served as the quality advisor of this company. 2013 she joined [...]

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Michalagas Dimitris


Managing Director, Distemicha MSc. Dimitris Michalagas was born in Athens on April 1969. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Physics with emphasis in Computational Physics from the University of Crete , and then on 1995 he completed succesfuly with distinction the postgraduate program "MSc in Advanced Computing" at King's College London. He has 25 years of experience in IT business and has served from major managerial positions at INTRACOM TELECOM and  FUTUREHEALTH BIOBANK UK. He has participated in various IT projects in the health and telecommunications sector. In 2015 he founded DISTEMICHA in order to provide advanced IT solutions. The [...]

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Doukas Hristos


Chairman of the Alexandroupolis Port Authority

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Dimitriou Dimitrios Dr.


Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, President of the Board of Directors of Athens International Airport Dimitirios Dimitriou (Prof/Dr) educational background includes doctorate (PhD) in econometric modelling for quantitative transport forecasting on seasonal destinations, MSc in Airport Planning and Management, MSc in Infrastructures Environmental Management, and Diploma (equivalent to 4 years BA and 1-year MSc) in Civil Engineering (transportation sector). His 22 years’ professional experience shared on 3 pillars of activities: education, research and management. His specialization focuses on planning, management and economics in transport, providing dedicated expertise in air transport sector. He is Associate Professor in Department of Economics, Democritus University of Thrace (DUTh), [...]

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