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Petridis Panos Dr.


University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna Member, International Science Advisory Board of Sustainable Samothraki Panos Petridis, researcher at the Institute of Social Ecology, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna. Since 2010 he has been involved in the research and management of transdisciplinary research on Samothraki that examines the conditions of island sustainability and supports a process of transition for Samothraki towards more sustainable directions. He is a member of the International Scientific Advisory Board of the local association “Sustainable Samothraki”.

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Prof. Fischer-Kowalski Marina


University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna Chair of the International Science Advisory Board of the local association Sustainable Samothraki Marina Fischer-Kowalski, long-term director of the Institute for Social Ecology, senior lecturer at Vienna University. She has been, inter alia, President of the International Society for Industrial Ecology, and President of the International Society for Ecological Economics. She is member of the UNESCO Committee for Man-and-Biosphere Reserves in Austria. Originally a tourist visitor, upon request by local citizens, she has been engaging in research on Samothraki since 2008, in collaboration with scientists from the Hellenic Centre of Marine Research, [...]

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Experimental training for sustainable growth under the title “Junior Tourist – A traveling suitcase…to Samothraki island”


The Samothraki Open Forum offers experimental training for sustainable growth under the title "Junior Tourist - A traveling Samothraki island". Instructors: Dr. Eleftheria Gkrimpa & Ms Evangelia Gkrimpa   Time: 10.00-11.00 students of primary school 11.00-12.00 students of high school/lyceum 12.00-13.00 teachers of Primary and Secondary Education and 13.00-14.00 young entrepreneurs. Venue: Papagiorgi Manolaki Sq., Hora Samothrakis

Experimental training for sustainable growth under the title “Junior Tourist – A traveling suitcase…to Samothraki island”2019-06-12T20:04:52+00:00

Drouza Andromachi


Environmentalist, Directorate of Strategic Investments, Enterprise Greece Andromachi Drouza was born and raised in Nafplio, Argolida GREECE. She studied at the Department of the Environment of the University of the Aegean (Mytilene) where she graduated as an Environmentalist in the direction of "Management of ecosystems". For 22 years she has worked as a member of the Ministry of the Environment (ATHENS), the Environmental Licensing Directorate and an Environmental Inspector at the Special Inspection Secretariat. During the last two years she has been seconded to the Ministry of Economy and Development, as a member of ENTERPRISE GREECE SA, in the Strategic [...]

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Papachristoforou Alexandros Dr.


University of Aegean, Department of Food Science and Nutrition, Vice-President of the European Professional Beekeepers Association (ERBA) Dr Alexandros Papachristophorou has a PhD on Apiculture from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH)  and holds the position of Vice-President of the European Professional Beekeepers Association  (EPBA). He teaches apiculture and bee products at the Aegean  University of Greece and at the University of Technology in Cyprus. He  has served as a researcher at the department of Biology, AUTH and at the French National Center of Scientific Research (CNRS). He has published numerous papers in various peer-reviewed scientific journals  as well as in European or World congresses. The last [...]

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Gkrimpa Evangelia


MSc. Evangelia M. Gkrimpa is a Top graduate of the Department of Operational Research and Marketing at Athens University of Economics and Business (Specialization: Public Relations), where she completed her studies in three instead of four years, due to excellence. With scholarships from “Alexander Onassis” Foundation, Chalkiopoulos, PwC, IKY, she completed postgraduate studies (Master of Science) in the fields of: Marketing and Communication with the Use of New Technologies (AUEB), Administration/Management of Health Services (National School of Public Health), Pedagogical and Training Competence & Counseling and Guidance (ASPAITE). She is multilingual Executive (English, French and Italian) of the Ministry of Economy [...]

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Dr. Grkimpa Eleftheria


Dr Eleftheria M. Gkrimpa exercises multifaceted and multifarious activity in tourism. She is an Executive over 20 years both in private sector (hotels, conference centers, advisory bodies, educational institutions etc.) and public one (Ministries of Labor, Interior, Foreign Affairs, Region of Attica, Social Insurance Institution, Tourism). She holds PhD in special interest forms of tourism (Aegean University, scholarship from IKY). She has pedagogical competence as well as studies in Counseling/ Vocational Guidance. She speaks three languages: French, English, Spanish. She is involved in Controls/ Groups of Experts/ Working Groups, Conduction/Tender/Evaluation Committees, Project Monitoring Committees and joins numerous seminars/ various themes specializations. [...]

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Stamatis Christos


Chief Executive Officer, Lamia Stevia Christos L. Stamatis, is a MSc Mechanical Engineer, with 20 years of professional multi-sector experience in innovative entrepreneurship, in Greece and abroad. He has a strong professional background, with extensive experience in renewable energy resources projects. Over the past 10 years, he has been developing innovative solutions for the agri-food sector. He has already established Stevia Hellas Coop the first agricultural cooperative that produces stevia across Europe. Christos is also the founder of mermix, an equipment and farm management online service, which has recently been awarded by Sir Stelios Hadjiioannou and the National Bank of [...]

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Spanos Michail


Managing Director, Global Sustain Group Michael Spanos is the Founder & Managing Director of Global Sustain Group, an Expert Advisor to the European Commission on the SDGs, an AHC Group Senior Associate (USA), a former member of the secretariat of the United Nations Global Compact Network and a current member of the Advisory Board of the CEO Clubs in Greece and of the Sustainability Advisory Council of FMC Corp (USA). He speaks at international events and produces global publications on responsible investments, sustainable leadership and innovation, collaborating with organisations such as the UN Principles for Responsible Investment, Global Compact, GRI, TCFD, European [...]

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Dr. Konstantinos Rigopoulos


Guest Lecturer, University of Greenwich and University of Bocconi Konstantinos Rigopoulos has Samothracean ancestry. He was born in Alexandroupolis in 1985. He holds a PhD in Marketing from Nyenrode Business Universiteit, an MSc in Business Administration from Rotterdam School of Management and a degree in Marketing and Communications from Athens University of Economics and Business. From 2009 till 2012 he managed two successful retailing companies, and from 2012 he works for Eldorado Gold Corp. More specifically, he works as administration manager in Thracean Gold Mining and as deputy corporate social responsibility manager in Hellas Gold. Finally, he is a guest [...]

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